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Natural Ventilation Systems

Preventative Fire Safety is one of the most important aspects to saving human life in modern day buildings.

It is a recognised fact that up to 90% of all fire victims are killed by the inhalation of smoke and toxic fumes and not by the actual fire itself. As a fire develops, the smoke will spread at an alarming rate throughout the building.

Smoke will damage the fabric of the building, hinder escape of the occupants, is highly toxic and will inevitably impede the efforts of a fire fighting crew in controlling the blaze.

This type of system uses the natural air flow & pressures of wind to deliver fresh air to the building to help remove smoke from an area without the use of fans/assistants & works just like a Chimney by drawing smoke out of the building.

Natural smoke and heat exhaust systems (NSHEV) will often prove more cost effective and appear less intrusive to the building’s design integrity.

This is why we recommend early consultation in a project to provide the widest choice of options to conform to Building Regulations and controls

What are the basic objectives of smoke control systems?

  • To keep the escape routes free from smoke.
  • To assist fire fighting operations by creating a smoke free layer.
  • To reduce the thermal damage to the structural components during a fire.
  • To reduce smoke and heat damage caused by the fire and associated hot gases.

How is this normally achieved?

  • Providing an openable vent at the top of stairwell in smaller installations
  • Powering a high level window
  • Providing a “Smoke Shaft” along a central core protecting numerous floors (normally corridors) by means of opening either a powered fire door or Louver & venting out via the roof top exhaust

It often helps however to contact us at the design stage so we can offer you the very best solutions for your project before construction gets in the way.
We only supply “open protocol” equipment meaning that you own everything & will never be tied to just one make or manufacturer or service contract.

At South East Fire & Vent we are able to offer Design, Installation, Commission & Maintenance Services to all types of AOV & Smoke Ventilation Systems & we cover Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Hertfordshire & London (East, North & South East).

AOV & Smoke Ventilation Systems are designed & function differently to Fire Alarm Systems, talk to our team about any projects you have by calling 01621 397277

For Architects we can:

  • Offer support & advice on regulatory matters.
  • Tailor make products and solutions which fit and compliment the aesthetic needs of the building.
  • Bespoke manufacturing solutions to match the most exacting of building requirements.

Consulting Designers & Engineers we can:

  • Offer Technical support on system designs & Installations.
  • Offer a comprehensive range of products extensively tested to the relevant standards.
  • Offer support from initial design through to commissioning and handover.

For the Construction Team we can:

  • Offer a unique installation or Supply & Commission Only Service.
  • Supply Products which meet project specifications.
  • Provide Cost effective solutions.
  • Provide on Time Delivery and completion on project Installations & Commissioning.

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