Natural & Mechanical AOV & Smoke Ventilation Systems

We are able to Design, Install, Maintain & Commission Natural & Mechanical Smoke Ventilation & AOV Systems throughout Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Hertfordshire & London (East, North & South East)

There are 2 types of systems:

Natural Smoke Ventilation & AOV Systems are becoming the new “norm” in Life Safety systems, particularly in new builds of HMO’s & Residential, developments, the theory is simple; provide a smoke clearance system that acts just like a chimney to remove the smoke natrally. On smaller developments 7 sites this could be by the use of a top of stairs window or new roof window that is motorised so that in the event of an activation the window will open & clear the smoke from your escape routes.

On larger devlopments there may be a requirement to clear different areas at different times, for example a multi storied building has numerous corridors & stairwells, so upon any activation the stairwells will open regardless where the activation has come from but only the “fire” floor will open either the windows or smoke shaft vent.

We often get involved in various projects & numerous stages of development & we are reknown for “thinking outside the box” & offering a different view when it comes to system design & choices available.

It often helps however to contact us at the design stage so we can offer you the very best solutions for your project before construction gets in the way.

We only supply “open protocol” equipment meaning that you own everything & will never be tied to just one make or manufacturer or service contract

At South East Fire & Vent we are able to offer Design, Installation, Commission & Maintenance Services to all types of AOV & Smoke Ventilation Systems & we cover Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Hertfordshire & London (East, North & South East).

Mechanical ventilation systems are usually deployed in buildings and structures where a natural smoke ventilation solution cannot be deployed or where they are impracticable.

The advantage of a Mechanical System is the guaranteed nature of its performance – it will extract a known volume of air per minute consistently, making your fire strategy more straightforward.

The disadvantages however are:

  • Cost
  • Aesthetics
  • Noise

Mechanical smoke shafts are usually deployed where an Approved Document B area of 1.5m2 cannot be achieved naturally or sometimes in higher building where up-venting and smoke buoyancy are not sufficient to allow smoke and heat exhaust ventilation to be successfully achieved.

These systems normally require a Secondary Power Supply to enable compliance (such as dedicated fire supply, generator or UPS) & specialist wiring/configuration & would normally require a complex design known as “CFD” (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Modelling & require specialist fire rated extraction fans rated at 400 Degrees and an extremely complex fire strategy.

Smoke shafts are placed adjacent to common areas such as stairs, lobbies and interior corridors to vent smoke and heat.

This provides improved safety for the evacuation of building occupants and better smoke-free access for fire fighters.

Natural smoke and heat exhaust systems (NSHEV) will often prove more cost effective and appear less intrusive to the building’s design integrity.

This is why we recommend early consultation in a project to provide the widest choice of options to conform to Building Regulations and controls

We only install open protocol Mechanical Smoke Ventilation Systems, so you will never be tied to just one make or manufacturer

Common Uses:

  • High Rise blocks of flats
  • Offices & commercial
  • Retail & shopping
  • Hotels
  • Sheltered Housing
  • Public Buildings

At South East Fire & Vent we are able to offer full Design, Installation, Commission & Maintenance services to new & installed Mechanical Smoke Ventilation systems throughout Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Hertfordshire & London (East, North & South East)

For Architects we can:
  • Offer support & advice on regulatory matters.
  • Tailor make products and solutions which fit and compliment the aesthetic needs of the building.
  • Bespoke manufacturing solutions to match the most exacting of building requirements.
For Consulting Designers & Engineers we can:
  • Offer Technical support on system designs & Installations.
  • Offer a comprehensive range of products extensively tested to the relevant standards.
  • Offer support from initial design through to commissioning and handover.
For the Construction Team we can:
  • Offer a unique installation or Supply & Commission Only Service.
  • Supply Products which meet project specifications.
  • Provide Cost effective solutions.
  • Provide on Time Delivery and completion on project Installations & Commissioning.

We are an Independent Open Protocol System provider based in Essex carrying out Natural & Mechanical AOV & Smoke Ventilation Systems from Design to Maintenance & we cover Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Hertfordshire & London (East, North & South East).

From Design to Verification through to Project Management & System Specifications, we have you & your best interests covered

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